Apps That Added iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget Support

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Apps That Added iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget Support
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In iOS 16, Apple introduced a customizable lock screen with widgets. You can have up to five different widgets on your lock screen, including four under and over and one at a time. There are many widgets available from Apple for apps like Weather, Calendar, Clock, Fitness, and Reminders, but third-party app developers are also able to create widgets for the lock screen.

widgets ios 16 feature
We’ve rounded up a bunch of third-party apps that implement widget support to date, so you can see some of the widget options available to you. Note that if you’re planning on getting an iPhone 14 Pro, the widgets will be available even when your screen is off, thanks to Always-On Display.

Flight tracking app Flighty offers several different widget options. You can view your trip countdown before you leave, and when you’re ready to travel, you can see your gate code, seat number, and take off time. When the flight is in the air, you can see an in-flight progress bar, and then when you disembark, you can see your arrival gate, weather and baggage carousel information.

flighty app

or to

Sonos app Orto has developed a lock screen widget that allows people with Sonos speakers to control their devices from the lock screen and see what’s playing at the current time.

ios 16 widget sonos orto


Facebook’s widgets let you see which friends have a birthday and it provides top updates from the people you follow.

ios 16 facebook widget


Reddit app Apollo has added a number of fun widgets that you can choose from. There’s a widget to get you right to trending posts, a distance scrolled widget, a karma widget and an inbox widget so you can see if you have any unread messages. There are also widgets that show you how your most recent post or comment is performing, and the option to get a favorite subreddit or a random subreddit.

iOS 16 Apollo Widgets


With Fantastic’s lock screen widget, you can see your upcoming events and a small calendar. Fantastic Focus also supports filters, another iOS 16 feature.

YouTube video

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro’s simple widget lets you tap to get right on the camera to scan documents.

scanner pro ios 16

Gmail, Chrome and Maps

As we highlighted earlier this morning, Google has added a number of new widgets to its apps. There are widgets for Google Maps Chrome, Google News, Gmail, and more.

Google Lock Screen Widget iOS 16

  • Google: Open the app and start a search by text, voice, or camera
  • Gmail: See the number of messages in your inbox
  • Chrome: Start Search With Voice or Incognito Mode
  • Google Drive: Quickly access starred files and folders
  • Google Maps: See real-time traffic updates and estimated travel times for frequently traveled places like home and work
  • Google News: See Real-Time Headlines

things 3

The Things Widget allows you to set up a widget that takes you directly to your today list, inbox, deadline, and more. You can set a widget for any list you use. Things include a rectangular widget under the clock that shows three tasks, and a smaller widget that can be added above the clock that shows a single task.

iOS 16 Things 3 Widget

There are also widget options to add a new to-do and show the progress you’ve made with your daily to-do list.


The Halide Widget lets you access the Halide Camera app from the lock screen. Tapping this opens the Halide app so you have quick access to the Halide camera.

See an app with cool widgets? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

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