Apple's Messaging communications security feature for kids expands to the UK and Canada Listen to this article

Apple plans to expand its messaging communications security feature to the UK Guardian, Communications protection in Messages was introduced in the iOS 15.2 update released in December, but the feature is limited to the United States as of now.

yellow communication security feature
Security of communication in messages The incoming and outgoing iMessage images on children’s devices are designed to be scanned for nudity and to warn them that such photos may be harmful. If nudity is detected in the photo the child receives, the picture will be blurred and the child will receive resources from child protection groups. Nudity in a photo submitted by a child will trigger a warning urging the child not to submit the image.

Communications security is optional, focused on privacy, and must be enabled by the parent. This is limited to child accounts with detection done on the device, and is not related to the anti-CSAM functionality that Apple is in development and may release in the future.

We’ve got a comprehensive guide to messaging security messaging that explains exactly how it works, where it’s used, Apple’s privacy features, and more.

To update: Messages also have the security of communication canada is coming,

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