Apple’s built-in Wallet app will reportedly be deleted in iOS 16.1

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Apple's built-in Wallet app will reportedly be deleted in iOS 16.1
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According to code in today’s iPadOS 16.1 beta, the built-in iPhone Wallet app will be able to be deleted starting with iOS 16.1. 9to5Mac and confirmed MacRumors Contributor Steve Moser.

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The code suggests that the Wallet app can be downloaded from the App Store if it has been removed from the iPhone and the person with the iPhone tries to use a feature such as Apple Pay.

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As of now, the Wallet app can be removed from the iPhone’s home screen and hidden from view, but it can’t be removed completely, something that will change with the launch of iOS 16.1.

Since iOS 16.1 isn’t available yet, there’s no way to test whether the Wallet app will be removed, so it’s possible that Apple may change a few things before the update launches later this year.

The Wallet app is a major iPhone app because it houses debit and credit cards for Apple Pay, handles Apple Pay cash, is the home of Apple Card, and allows users to store loyalty cards, airline tickets, and more. .

It’s unclear why Apple would allow users to remove the Wallet app, but the company is facing a class action lawsuit alleging it used Apple Pay for tap-to-pay payments on the iPhone. Violating antitrust law by making it the only available mobile wallet. ,

The iOS 16 update will arrive sometime in September, while iOS 16.1 will arrive with iPadOS 16.1 at a later date. Apple has delayed the launch of iPadOS 16 to work on the Stage Manager multitasking feature available for M1 iPads.

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