Apple will start shipping some refurbished iPhones in green packaging

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Apple will start shipping some refurbished iPhones in green packaging Listen to this article

According to a company memo obtained by Apple, starting this week, Apple will begin shipping the repaired iPhone 12 model in a new brown box that’s 100% plastic-free and made of Forest Stewardship Council-certified bleach-free paper. Made with. MacRumors, Until now, all repaired iPhones shipped by Apple were packaged in a white box.

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In the memo, Apple said it is testing new packaging for refurbished iPhones as part of the company’s commitment to eliminate plastic in all packaging by 2025. In April, Apple announced that it had reduced the plastic in its packaging by 75% since 2015, and said that plastics made up just 4% of the company’s packaging in 2021.

Eco-friendly packaging will be used for refurbished iPhone 12 models shipped from Apple Repair Center Depots to Apple Stores, Apple Authorized Service Providers and/or directly to customers in the United States and other countries.

Apple did not say whether it would expand greener packaging to all repaired iPhones if the test is deemed successful.

After Apple previously announced that its global operations are carbon-free from 2020, the company said it has used 100% renewable energy to power its offices, stores and data centers since 2018. As of March 2022, Apple said that 213 of its 213 manufacturing partners have also committed to 100% renewable electricity for Apple-related production.

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