Apple will soon send payment for $95 million refurbished device class action lawsuit

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Apple will soon send payment for $95 million refurbished device class action lawsuit
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Apple last year agreed to pay $95 million to settle a lawsuit related to AppleCare, which accuses the company of violating U.S. laws and regulations by providing refurbished replacement devices instead of new ones when AppleCare repairs are required. was charged with infringement.

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Case administrators began collecting information from affected customers back in january, and the settlement amount received final approval in April. Now with everything set up, Apple is ready to start sending payments, and customers who are expecting money are starting to receive emails. shared by one of the emails MacRumors Reader Nathan:

According to our records, you are eligible to receive a payment of $28.90 in the settlement of Maldonado, et al. v. Apple Inc., et al., Case No. 3:16-CV-04067-WHO.

As the case settlement administrator, we are sending this courtesy email to inform you that by August 30, 2022, you will receive a payment notification email containing a link to claim your payment electronically. Once you receive that email, you will have until November 28, 2022 to claim your payment.

Please carefully monitor your email inbox for our next email. Additional details about the case are available at

Customers who are eligible for payment will receive an email by August 30, and will have to respond to the email by November 28, 2022 to receive their money. The lawsuit applies to customers who purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare++ for iPhone or iPad between July 20, 2012 and September 30, 2021, and who received a refurbished replacement device.

Apple’s repair terms and conditions have always made it clear that the company may use “parts or products that are new or refurbished and equal to new in performance and reliability” when repairing or replacing a device, but the lawsuit claims It has been shown that refurbished devices are “not up to par in performance and reliability.” The lawsuit sought compensation for iPhone, iPad, and iPod owners who purchased ‌AppleCare‌ or ‌AppleCare+‌ coverage and were unhappy with receiving an “inferior” refurbished device instead of a device that worked “like new.”

Although Apple paid $95 million to settle the lawsuit, it did no wrong and denies that refurbished devices are inferior to new devices.

(Thanks, Nathan!)

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