Apple will shut down Fleetsmith Enterprise Device Management Service on October 21 Listen to this article

Later this year, Apple will shut down Fleetsmith, its mobile device management (MDM) solution for administrators who need to manage a fleet of Apple devices.

The company announced the decision in a supporting document, in which it states that as of April 21, 2022, it has ceased new memberships of Fleetsmith. Existing Fleetsmith customers can continue to use the service until October 21, 2022.

After that date, customers will no longer be able to log into the service and devices will no longer receive configuration profiles from Fleetsmith servers.

The nature of MDM is that it allows customers to configure devices securely and wirelessly, whether they are owned by the user or their organization, and FleetSmith allows users to monitor a fleet of Apple products, Automatically manages applications, settings and preferences when implementing IT. Security best practices.

Apple acquired enterprise security software in June 2020, and many Apple devices have a built-in framework that supports mobile device management.

To help customers migrate from FleetSmith to other MDM solutions before their closure, Apple has provided support documentation for Choose an MDM Solution You MDM Migration Scheme,