Apple talks about new watchOS 9 health features like AFib history and tracking your sleep stages

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Apple talks about new watchOS 9 health features like AFib history and tracking your sleep stages Listen to this article

Apple VP of Health Dr. Sumbul Desai, Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams and VP of Fitness Technologies Jay Blahnik, following last week’s WWDC 2022 keynote address talked with techcrunchby Darrell Etherington About the new health features added in watchOS 9.

watchos 9 atrial fibrillation history
According to Apple, one of the new Apple Watch health features is AFib History, which allows people with atrial fibrillation to estimate how often their heart is experiencing this type of arrhythmia. Apple says the feature is for people age 22 and older who have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

Desai said the AFib history feature received FDA approval in the United States after being validated in clinical studies.

Desai said, “As Jeff said, everything we do in healthcare is based on science, and AFib’s track record was validated in a clinical study in which participants used the Apple Watch and the FDA.” -Were wearing approved reference equipment.” “In that study, the average difference in weekly measurements between the two instruments is actually less than 1%.”

Williams said the AFib history feature can be useful when a patient receives ablation treatment for chronic atrial fibrillation, but the treatment fails on the first try and the patient continues to experience atrial fibrillation.

According to Apple, AFib History is not currently approved in all countries or regions, so the feature’s availability will be limited at launch.

Starting with watchOS 9, the Apple Watch also offers Sleep Stage Tracking, which lets you see how much time you spent in REM, Basic, or Deep sleep, as well as when you woke up. (Apple refers to what is commonly referred to as “light sleep” as “original sleep”.)

watchos 9 sleep stage tracking

“Before the sleep phases, we really focused on helping people reach their sleep duration goals, because what’s really important is that consistency, but we wanted to go a little further and dig into the science. and wanted to bring users more information about their sleep cycles,” Desai said. “So, using signals from the Apple Watch’s accelerometer and heart rate sensor, users will now be able to view their sleep stages in REM, core, and deep sleep.”

In watchOS 9, the Workout app shows more information, including views of metrics such as activity rings, heart rate zones, strength and altitude, but Blahnik said the app is still “suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes.”

can be discussed read in techcrunch, watchOS 9 is currently in developer beta and will be released to all users around September.

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