Apple Store in Maryland makes history by voting to unionize

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Apple Store in Maryland makes history by voting to unionize Listen to this article

Apple Store employees in Maryland have officially made history by voting to unionize, becoming the first Apple retail store in the US to do so following Apple’s efforts to block unionization efforts.

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as reported by CNBCApple store workers in Towson, Maryland, voted 65 and 33 against calls to join the Machinists’ Union. 110 employees were eligible to vote from Wednesday to Saturday night. Employees hope the new move will encourage Apple to offer better pay and working conditions, which the company has already promised to do.

as set forth CNBCThe National Labor Relations Board still has to verify the votes before Apple can begin talks with the union.

In a video shared in May, Apple’s head of retail and people Deirdre O’Brien said that employees have a “right to join a union”, but added that it is also an employee’s right “in a union.” not be involved.” a syndicate. O’Brien said, “We have a relationship that is based on open, collaborative and direct engagement, which I think can be fundamentally changed if a consortium represents a store under a collective agreement. ”

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