Apple Silicon likely to benefit as TSMC aims to release 2nm chips by 2025

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Apple Silicon likely to benefit as TSMC aims to release 2nm chips by 2025 Listen to this article

Apple’s chip supplier TSMC will begin production of advanced 2nm chips by 2025, which is likely to contribute to Apple’s flagship future iteration of silicon. Asian Nikkei reports,

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TSMC announced this at an industry event on Thursday that its 2nm technology will be based on a “nanosheet transistor architecture”. The nanosheet architecture is a completely different chip technology from the FinFET infrastructure used for TSMC’s current 5nm chips, offering significant improvements in performance and efficiency. Apple’s latest chips, such as the M2 and A15 Bionic, are produced using TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing process.

Production of TSMC’s first 3nm chips will begin in the second half of 2022. Apple may introduce custom silicon chips based on TSMC’s 3nm process as soon as this year, but other reports say the technology is likely to debut with the “M3” and “A17”. tokens in 2023.

The 2025 deadline is the company’s first official timeline for 2nm chip production and will be used for future Apple silicon chips. The 2nm manufacturing process, also known as “N2”, provides 10 to 15 percent speed improvement at the same power or 25 to 30 percent power reduction at the same speed, compared to chips made using the vendor’s 3nm technology. expected to do. ,

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