Apple says revised US lateral transfer bill will “undermine privacy and security protections” iPhone users believe

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Apple says revised US lateral transfer bill will "undermine privacy and security protections" iPhone users believe
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Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced a revised version last night [PDF] The American Choice and Innovation Act, as the US government continues to work towards legislation that would target major tech companies and mandate sideloading on the iPhone.

Common iOS App Store Feature Unsaturated
There are some changes to the bill that would ease Apple’s concerns about it, and the Cupertino company provided a statement MacRumors,

We built the iPhone and App Store to be a safe and trusted place for users to download their favorite apps and a great business opportunity for developers around the world. The result has been a phenomenal engine of economic growth, enabling competition and innovation, and making it possible for any developer with a great idea to reach Apple customers around the world.

We are concerned that this law threatens to break this model and undermine the privacy and security protections that our users rely on. Governments and international agencies around the world have explicitly discouraged portability requirements, which would empower bad guys who want to target users, including children, with malware and scams, and their consent to data-hungry companies. Make it easy to track users without At the end of the day, the changes to the bill are an acknowledgment that the originally drafted law has created unwanted security and privacy vulnerabilities for users. We believe the proposed measures fall short of the protections consumers need, and we urge lawmakers to make further changes to avoid these unintended consequences.

political This Morning reported that some Senate Democrats are rejecting the bill, but Democratic leaders are targeting a vote this summer. Democratic senators reportedly expressed “deep reservations” about voting on the bill in its current form because it could be too controversial for an election year, prompting Klobuchar to introduce a new version.

The amended bill is designed to address some concerns senators have raised about sweeping changes in the tech industry that the legislation will introduce, but Apple says the changes don’t go far enough. The company says the changes prove there were “undesirable privacy and security vulnerabilities” for users as a result of the original law, and that lawmakers need to make further changes to protect users’ privacy.

The updates make it easier for Apple to defend the privacy changes it’s made, but Apple must still demonstrate that each change is “reasonably tailored and reasonably necessary” and that it should be made “less materially discriminatory.” cannot be obtained in a manner. Apple’s requirement to allow sideloading has not changed.

Under the bill’s wording, apps can be installed on the iPhone outside of the App Store, making iOS more similar to the Android platform. Companies like Facebook will be able to get privacy protections on the iPhone through sideloading and will not be subject to Apple’s rules against tracking. The bill targets US tech companies including Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, but does not impose any restrictions on non-US companies such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and other smartphone makers, which could spell trouble in the future. can. ,

Apple has previously said that enabling sideloading will result in new attacks on iPhone users by bad actors eager to access sensitive data stored on consumer devices. Predators and scammers “could completely bypass Apple’s privacy and security protections,” and the bill would allow “malware, scams and data exploitation to spread.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in November that consumers looking to download the app should look to Android instead of the iPhone. “If this is important to you, then you should buy an Android phone,” he said in an interview. “From our point of view, it would be like I was a car maker saying [a customer] Do not wear airbags and seat belts in the car.

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