Apple removes network location feature in macOS Ventura

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Apple removes network location feature in macOS Ventura
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In addition to redesigning the System Settings app on macOS Ventura, Apple has removed the app’s long-standing Network Location feature, as noted Jason Snell six colors, This feature allowed users to quickly switch between different sets of Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and other network settings depending on their location, such as home or work.

MacOS Ventura Network Location
Given that MacOS Ventura is still in beta, there’s always a chance that Network Places may return at some point, but that doesn’t seem to be marked by Apple. Tyler Loach’s bug report Regarding the absence of the feature “currently works as designed.”

one in supporting documentApple states that the Network Location feature can be useful in the circumstances listed below:

– You use the same type of network (such as Ethernet) at work and at home, but the settings you use at work don’t allow your Mac to automatically connect to the same type of network at home Huh.

– Your Mac connects to more than one type of network service (such as both Wi-Fi and Ethernet) at work and at home, but at work you may want your Mac to first try to connect to an Ethernet network, and then at home But you want your Mac to try connecting to the Mac Wi-Fi network first. In other words, you want to set up a different service order for each location.

– Your Mac is not connecting to your network and you want to quickly reset your network settings for testing purposes without losing your current network settings.

Snell says Apple’s command-line tool “NetworkSetup” is still present in the latest macOS Ventura beta, so a third-party developer can step into an app to replace the removed network location functionality in the System Settings app and may issue.

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