Apple Removes ‘Hide My Email’ Support in Third-Party Apps from macOS Ventura Features Page

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Apple Removes 'Hide My Email' Support in Third-Party Apps from macOS Ventura Features Page
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Apple recently removed “Hide My Email” support from third party apps. macOS Ventura Features Page on its US website, as noted by the French website MacGeneration, This feature was still listed on the page till 3 augustAccording to the Wayback Machine, but it has since been taken down at some point.

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Apple’s website said you’ll be able to “keep your personal email address private with Hide My Email in third-party apps” with an iCloud+ subscription. It’s not clear why Apple removed the feature or if it’s still planned for a release of macOS Ventura later this year. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The feature is still listed on the macOS Ventura page in several other countries, but Apple is generally slow to update its website in other regions.

Hide My Email was first introduced on the Mac with macOS Monterey last year. This feature can generate unique, random email addresses that are automatically forwarded to your personal inbox, allowing you to hide your real email address for increased privacy. On macOS Monterey, this feature is limited to Apple apps like Safari and Mail.

Hide My Mail is included with the iCloud+ storage plan, which starts at $0.99 per month in the US. This feature is also available when creating an account in Safari using the “Sign in with Apple” feature. In the Mail app in macOS Monterey version 12.1 and later, Hide My Mail can be found in the pop-up menu in the “From” field.

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