Apple releases Safari Technology Preview 147 with macOS Ventura features

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Apple releases Safari Technology Preview 147 with macOS Ventura features
Apple releases Safari Technology Preview 147 with macOS Ventura features Listen to this article

apple today released a new update Safari for Technology Preview, the experimental browser that Apple first introduced in March 2016. Apple designed the Safari Technology Preview to test features to be introduced in future versions of Safari.

Safari Technology Preview Function
The current version of Safari Technology Preview is based on the Safari 16 Update and includes features coming to macOS Ventura. Adds support for live text in videos and images, new Web technologies, Web push passwords, improved Safari Web extensions, and more, with notes from Apple below.

Several new features of Safari 16 are now available in Safari Technology Preview 147:

  • live text, Select and interact with text in videos or translate text into images on the web in beta versions of macOS Ventura on Macs with Apple Silicon.
  • web technologies, Experience and test HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies that are available in Safari 16 Beta and earlier versions of Safari Technology Preview.
  • web push, Send notifications to people who opt-in to your website or web app with Safari Technology Preview in beta versions of macOS Ventura.
  • access keys, Get a preview of the new type of phishing-resistant credentials that make logging into websites safer and easier. Available through Safari’s WebAuthn Platform Authenticator. For more information about access keys, see Meet access keys.
  • Better Safari Web Extensions, Try API enhancements including the ability to open a Safari Web Extension popup programmatically.
  • web inspector extension, Build custom tools or convert existing Developer Tools extensions for use in Web Inspector.
  • flexible checkout inspector, Use the new Display Overlay in the Web Inspector to help you understand the layout of elements more quickly and easily with Flexbox. Mark both spaces and spaces between flex elements to show how they affect the result.

Shared tab groups, tab group synchronization, website settings, and web extensions are not enabled in this release.

The new version of Safari Technology Preview is compatible with machines running macOS 13 Ventura, unlike previous versions of Safari Technology Preview. According to Apple, Safari Technology Preview updates are no longer available for macOS Big Sur.

The Safari Technology Preview update is available to anyone via the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences. browser downloaded, Full release notes are available for the update on the Safari Technology Preview website,

With the Safari Technology Preview, Apple aims to gather feedback from developers and users about its browser development process. Safari Technology Preview can run side-by-side with your existing Safari browser, and while it’s designed for developers, it doesn’t require a developer account to download.

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