Apple raises starting wage for hourly workers to at least $22 an hour

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Apple raises starting wage for hourly workers to at least $22 an hour
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Apple informed employees today that it will increase the starting wage for hourly workers to at least $22 an hour and more in some markets. reports wall street journal, The move comes as the company seeks to tackle inflation, a tight job market and recent unionization efforts.

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The new starting salary represents an increase of 45% compared to 2018 and will impact retail employees most prominently. Salaried posts can also see an initial increase.

“Supporting and retaining the best team members in the world allows us to offer our customers the best and most innovative products and services,” an Apple spokesperson said in a statement. “This year, as part of our annual performance review process, we are increasing our overall compensation budget.”

Apple’s retail workers have begun unionizing at smaller numbers of stores, seeking higher pay and more benefits, such as more vacation time and better retirement options.

Just today, Apple’s head of retail, Deirdre O’Brien, sent a video message to retail store employees to address those efforts, arguing that unions are an employee’s right to join, but There could be a loss for workers if they choose to do so.

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