Apple makes further adjustments to dating app rules to meet Dutch regulatory requirements

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Apple makes further adjustments to dating app rules to meet Dutch regulatory requirements Listen to this article

apple today More changes announced In an effort to meet the requirements set by the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) for its App Store rules for dating apps in the Netherlands.

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Apple says that after a “productive discussion” with ACM, it is updating the following:

– Dating app developers in the Netherlands may exercise StoreKit external purchase rights, StoreKit external purchase link rights, or both rights.
In accordance with ACM’s wishes, we have made adjustments to the UI requirements announced last March for developers who choose to use one or both entitlements.

– We have adjusted payment processing provider criteria for developers who wish to exercise any rights.

– The 3 percent commission discount also applies to in-app purchases that qualify for a lower commission rate (such as the App Store Small Business

– Enrolled in membership programs or services after one year of paid service, who already qualify for a 15% commission).

Although Apple is making these changes, the company says it does not believe these updates are in the “best interest” of user privacy or data security, and continues to appeal ACM’s original order.

As a reminder, dating app developers who wish to continue to use Apple’s in-app purchase system, which we believe to be the safest way for users to purchase digital goods and services, are welcome to do so. And no further action is required. , ,

We do not believe that some of these changes are in the best interest of our users’ privacy or data security. As Apple remains committed to constructive engagement with regulators, we are making additional changes at the request of the ACM. As we said earlier, we disagree with the original ACM order and we are appealing against it.

Apple has been struggling with Dutch regulators over dating app rules since December 2021, when the ACM announced that Apple would need to allow dating apps to use alternative payment methods on the App Store in the Netherlands. Apple complied with the demand, but in a way the ACM was not satisfied, so Apple had to make several implementation changes.

Apple initially attempted to implement changes to the App Store in a way that required developers to choose between using alternative payments or in-app payments, but ACM required developers to use both at the same time. Should be able to. Developers using alternative payment methods in the Netherlands still have to pay Apple’s commission, but the fee is reduced by three percent.

The ACM is fining Apple for not complying with regulations as the Cupertino company works to meet regulatory demands, racking up more than 50 million euros in fines.

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