Apple machine learning director, who left office with return policy, joins Google

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Apple machine learning director, who left office with return policy, joins Google
Apple machine learning director, who left office with return policy, joins Google Listen to this article

Earlier this month, Apple’s former head of machine learning, Ian Goodfellow, made headlines when he resigned from his position over refusing to allow Apple employees to work remotely full-time. Goodfellow has now found another company to work for, taking a position at DeepMind, an Alphabet subsidiary, reports bloomberg,

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DeepMind, a machine learning company that was acquired by Google in 2014, announced the launch of multimodal multitasking this week. AI system called Cato, It’s not yet clear what Goodfellow’s role will be at DeepMind, but prior to Apple, he worked as a research scientist for Google. According to Goodfellow, one of the leading machine learning researchers known as bloombergSo it could be a notable loss for Apple.

In a letter emailed to his coworkers at Apple, Goodfellow explained that he was leaving the company because of Apple’s plans to return to personal work. “I strongly believe that more flexibility would be the best policy for my team,” he wrote.

In April, Apple began requiring corporate employees to work in the office one day a week, and in May this increased to two days a week. Apple was aiming to allow employees to work in the office three days a week from May 23, but that plan was delayed due to the rising number of COVID infections in the United States. Yet, at the present time, employees must work at least two days a week at Apple campuses and offices.

In addition to Goodfellow, many Apple employees have personally spoken out against returning to work, even though Apple plans to allow them to stay at home for two days a week, when work hours can return to normal. In May, a group of employees calling themselves “Apple Together” wrote a letter to Apple’s executive team to argue that the hybrid action plan “fails to recognize flexible work and is driven only by fear.”

Other tech companies such as Meta and Google have implemented more flexible work options that may appeal to Apple employees who aren’t interested in Office work policies. For example, Google has asked employees to return to the office, but is approving exemptions for many who still want to work from home.

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