Apple is repeatedly showing off the iPhone 14 Pro design with no dynamic island

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Apple is repeatedly showing off the iPhone 14 Pro design with no dynamic island
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Apple is repeatedly touting the iPhone 14 Pro’s rumored “pill and hole-punch” display cutout design with no dynamic island, despite it not being an option on the device.

apple support doc iphone 14 pro pill hole punch designApple support document showing the rumored “pill and hole-punch” cutout design.

In a new support document titled “Use Always-on Display with your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro MaxIn what was published yesterday, Apple clearly shows the device’s two display cutouts with a usable display area between them and no dynamic islands. This is at least the third time the design has been seen exiting official Apple sources.

There was evidence of Apple using the apparently rumored “pill and hole-punch” design. first seen In the initial graphics that were posted on Apple’s website after the “Far Out” event. Shortly after, Apple posted developer resources for the iPhone 14 Pro, showing only the display cutout, before re-uploading the resources showing Dynamic Island.

The recurring error is curious as there is currently no way to disable Dynamic Island and allow content to be displayed normally between the two display cutouts. The graphics are also striking because for the rumored cycle of the iPhone 14 Pro, the device was expected to look exactly the same. Rumors of Dynamic Island and two display cutouts of what appear to be a “tablet” thanks to a software enhancement only surfaced a week before the Apple event.

Mistakes could indicate that Dynamic Island was intended to be an optional feature or even a decision made quite late in the development of the iPhone 14 Pro. It appears that due to the tacit nature of Apple’s internal structure, the staff responsible for web design, developer resources, and support documents were unaware of Dynamic Island until directly before the Apple event.

When information about Dynamic Island became solid, it was assumed that prior rumors announcing a design with two visible display cutouts were only derived from hardware leaks, with software still heavily vetted. Apple’s repeated illustrations of the rumored design suggest that its initial understanding of how the display cutouts will look may be more official than previously thought.

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