Apple is being sued after AirPods allegedly broke baby earplugs with Amber Alert

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Apple is being sued after AirPods allegedly broke baby earplugs with Amber Alert
Apple is being sued after AirPods allegedly broke baby earplugs with Amber Alert Listen to this article

Apple’s AirPods broke a 12-year-old’s eardrum in 2020 when a loud amber alert was issued, according to a Case filed against Apple in California (Via Law360,

The boy, identified as BG in the filing, was watching a movie on Netflix on his iPhone in 2020 wearing an AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro was set to low volume, but an amber alert sounded without warning and high-pitched noises damaged BG’s ears.

The lawsuit claims that Amber Alert “torn” BG’s eardrum, damaged his cochlea, and damaged his hearing. Since then, he has suffered dizziness, lightheadedness, tinnitus and nausea, and has permanent hearing loss in his right ear, which requires him to wear a hearing aid.

Apple is accused of making “faulty” AirPods that don’t automatically lower alert volume or equalize notification and alert volumes. The lawsuit blames Apple for failing to include warnings about the potential problem and claims that Apple was aware of the alleged design flaws.

BG has suffered significant, temporary and permanent, ongoing injury, pain and suffering, disability and impairment, as a direct and immediate result of each defendant’s negligence in the design, manufacture and marketing of the defective AirPods. BG has suffered from mental agony, emotional trauma, physical harm, injury, disability and loss in the past and will continue to do so in the future. BG has lost his ability to lead a normal life and will continue to lead a low life with less earning potential in future. In addition, BG has both past and future medical bills related to care received and related care from injuries sustained as a result of malfunctioning AirPods.

The lawsuit seeks damages for BG and his parents, who suffer severe emotional stress due to the AirPods incident. It seeks “punitive damages in the amount that would punish the defendants for their conduct and prevent other technology companies from engaging in such misconduct in the future.”

There have been other complaints on social media about noise from Amber Alert when using AirPods. Amber Alert is designed to capture the attention of iPhone owners, causing the devices to make loud noises and vibrate. online report suggest amber alert sound really strong When playing through AirPods, even if those AirPods are set to the proper volume.

Amber Alerts can be turned off in the Settings app by opening the Notifications section, scrolling down, and tapping the switch to turn off the alert. There are also options to turn off emergency alerts and public safety alerts, although it’s worth noting that alerts can’t be turned off in all countries.

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