Apple hires less ‘talented’ employees at some retail stores

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Apple hires less 'talented' employees at some retail stores
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According to an Apple report, Apple has been slow to fill tech support or “genius” positions in some of its retail stores. bloomberg, In some places, employees have been informed that the Genius posts will not be filled after the departure of the persons who had previously held those positions.

Palo Alto Apple Shop
bloomberg He cites reports from several retail workers who suggested Apple’s shortages could result in cost cuts or a reduction in workforce in stores that no longer see the same number of customers after the pandemic.

Apple hasn’t laid off any employees and hasn’t had a general hiring freeze, but Apple has reportedly withdrew from verbal job offers for genius roles in some situations, as well as halting hiring.

Despite these reports, there are still Genius features advertised on Apple’s website, and Apple has declined to comment on the situation.

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