Apple hikes prices in Japan by up to 25%

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Apple hikes prices in Japan by up to 25% Listen to this article

Apple today increased the prices of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch models by up to 25 percent in Japan.

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Price hike, first reported by Asian NikkeiThey have been triggered by a fall in the value of the yen and a rising interest rate differential between Japan and the United States.

The iPhone 13 was previously priced at 98,800 yen (~$730) in Japan, but is now priced at 117,800 yen (~$870), an increase of almost 20 percent. The latest iPhone SE with 64GB of storage is now priced at 5,000 (~$37) more than yen 62,800 (~$464) earlier. The 128GB iPhone 13 Pro is now 22,000 yen (~$162) up from 144,800 yen (~$1,069) earlier.

Apple raised Mac prices in Japan by more than 10 percent with the launch of the MacBook Pro M2 last month, so none of the Mac product lines increased the price much today, although both the iPad and iPad Air models cost 10,000 yen. (~$74) each. ,

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