Apple has relied more on China-based engineers during pandemic

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Apple has relied more on China-based engineers during pandemic Listen to this article

Apple engineers in China have taken on increased responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, as travel restrictions and lockdowns have prevented Apple from sending as many US engineers to the country as it normally would. wall street journal,

China Apple iPhone Factory
While key issues such as product design are still handled at Apple’s California headquarters, the report said Apple gradually empowered its China-based engineers to solve problems with little input from US employees. Is.

For example, instead of sending product and assembly-related information from China to Cupertino, engineers in China included their analysis as well. And China-based engineers who in the past would have usually reported problems to Cupertino would instead submit proposals to solve the problem, the people said.

The report said Apple used video calls to remotely communicate with Chinese employees to resolve factory issues and more, in an effort to keep up with its annual product cycles, including new iPhone models every year. Is.

China has imposed strict restrictions and/or lockdowns in recent weeks in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Zhengzhou. Last month, Apple warned that its June quarter revenue would be impacted by a number of factors, including supply constraints due to COVID-related disruptions and industry-wide silicon shortages. Apple said it expects those restrictions to result in a $4 billion to $8 billion impact on revenue for the quarter.

Outages for various Apple products, including the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and more, have resulted in lengthy shipping estimates.

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