Apple agrees to improve working conditions for retail employees amid unionization efforts

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Apple agrees to improve working conditions for retail employees amid unionization efforts Listen to this article

Apple plans to make employee hours more flexible at retail stores to improve working conditions, report bloomberg, The changes come as some Apple Store employees are working toward unionization.

Palo Alto Apple Shop
Going forward, Apple will ensure that an employee has at least 12 hours between each shift, which is higher than the current minimum of 10 hours. Employees must work no more than three days a week after 8:00 pm, unless they choose to work late shifts.

Employees will no longer be scheduled to work more than five consecutive days instead of six consecutive days, although there may be exceptions during holidays and new product launches, and full-time employees will be eligible for a dedicated weekend. For each semester they work.

speaking worker bloomberg He added that Apple plans to implement these programming changes in the coming months, and they will be in addition to the new benefits introduced in February. In February, Apple increased the number of paid sick days available, offered more vacation days and increased paternity leave.

Apple retail stores in Washington state, New York, Maryland and Atlanta have taken steps toward unionization with employees demanding more pay, more vacation time, better retirement options and other benefits, but none of the The attempt has not been successful. Successful till date.

Apple’s head of retail, Deirdre O’Brien, sent a video in May calling on employees to stop unionizing. O’Brien said in the video, “It’s your right to join the union, and it’s your right not to join the union.” She said employees “should consult a wide range of people and sources” to have a full understanding of what it would mean to “work at Apple under a collective bargaining agreement”.

O’Brien said a union would make it more difficult for Apple to implement “immediate and sweeping change” and “could make it more difficult”. [Apple] act quickly to address things” that employees bring up.

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