Antònia Font: “We wanted to reconcile our history, and that’s not done over dinner”

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Antònia Font: “We wanted to reconcile our history, and that’s not done over dinner”
Antònia Font: "We wanted to reconcile our history, and that's not done over dinner" Listen to this article

Following her farewell concert in Palma in 2013, Antonia Font marked an impeccable career before leaving. Pluperfect pop record, an entry into symphonicism and, as a farewell, a signature as an album with songs less than a minute long, You are here, Why go back? Why risk that legacy? Why spoil such a good ending by risking it? These are conceivable questions after the return of Majorcan, and Joan Miquel Oliver (composer and guitar, Soler, 1974) and Pau Debon, (singer, Palma de Mallorca 1977), are tired of answering a question that is inevitable. Looks, confirm: “There’s a risk to be taken, otherwise we wouldn’t have released the second album. In addition, we wanted to reconcile ourselves, with our history, and this is achieved not by dinner, but by recording a new album. The name of this new album is one minute strobe And this is Antònia Font in its purest form.

“It was not the time to experiment, but to make an album that sounded like Antonia font”, says Joan Miquel, wearing a hat and with that Galician look and attitude that would be for someone who specific which does not know whether they are going up or down. Pow supports her, Rocco Vargas, Daniel Torres’ character, with that chin, and a beard so closed and aggressive that it starts growing on his lips. He doesn’t talk much, “It’s normal to talk about music and lyrics, and that’s what Joan Mikel does”, he explains. The album contained 10 songs, and there were no more. “They are the ones I composed”, says its author, “and I made them in the same order as the album because I was changing the tone of each of them (la-de-sol-do-fa-b flat). ….) to adapt to the tone and manner of singing of Pau”, he assured. Pau sees her and laughs. “I had no idea about it, he never tells us anything, I find out about things about the album in interviews,” he jokes and recovers from fear. Joan Mikel says, “And since I know you have trouble pronouncing the ‘i’, I try to avoid words that contain it, especially if the ‘i’ is stressed.” . Pau, who knew this, nods his head. How do you cope with that kind of guy, one with an overflowing imagination and an orderly imitator? His answer is a crack in his beard that reveals his teeth. And he says in a nutshell: “This is the Antonia font”. The result of the album is that Pau’s intentionally monotonous and unbiased voice never gets tired, thanks to Joan Mikel looking for the best vocals. work for it.

The disc could feed songs from the group’s previous albums, and it is conceivable that Michael Rivera, Emotional and heartfelt tribute to the deceased climber, was part of Bathyscaphe catiusus. “I really like that idea, because we wanted to properly recover our most familiar sound”, says Pau, while Joan Mikel says, “It is true, Caramel Latte can be part of lantern, This was definitely not the time to experiment.” And speaking of that, Joan Miquel’s last solo album, Twelve-Tone, and Antonia Font’s last song ever, composed of songs less than a minute long, were the most experimental: Coincidence? Joan Mikel says “a priority yes”, “but, now that you say it, it’s true that albums are made of reaction, there’s a moment when you don’t want them to be the same and maybe that’s why.” That these two albums have a point and follow them are very different from the others. ,

The album is full of little surprises, from Invisible Which punctuates the song of the same name into two separate songs about love, extracted from Google’s voice translator, perfect loverRomantic love for Antnia Font, or i came with you, is defined by Joan Mikel as “an open, honest and positive love song”. There are problems with a complex structure such as A Dixona de Polesand other abbreviated ones such as a quoted Invisible, And a lot of guitar and a lot of piano: “That’s because the piano was the last thing we recorded and we were able to use a Bösendorfer Imperial, and it sounds so good that we made it prominent in the mix”. And the protest song is not missing, silent culture, in the style of the group, which recently called for a halt to tourism that destroyed their paradise, which they maintain: “Tourism has taken everything from us and given us nothing, Mallorca The standard of living in India is lower than it was a few decades ago and we are left without beaches, without agriculture and without landscape, we have only tourism”, they simultaneously emphasize. Sonic content for controlled laps. “We’ll do 10 concerts, most of them haven’t closed yet, and that’s all,” they both say. The spec and control in this lap with a clear expiration date.

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