Anna and Daniel, the influential couple in their thirties who sell Valencia’s power world

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Anna and Daniel, the influential couple in their thirties who sell Valencia's power world Listen to this article

This week he has his name on the Forbes list again; Along with Rosalia and Ibai, Anna Davis (Albuixch, age 30) and Daniel Rueda (Albacete, 31) appear to be the most influential handful of thesesomethings in Spain. In full confinement, they were already included in the synonymous classification at the European level, where they were mixed with Greta Thunberg or Cara Delavigne. His work is sold in galleries from the United States to Israel, he has done a flourish for Meta in Cannes, he has shot a documentary about Dubai for CNN, he has lectured – face-to-face – by the thousands. Tourist offices around the world in front of the public and the public. (Austria, Qatar, Argentina, Copenhagen) Dodge their buildings, streets and squares to turn them into viral pop icons On Instagram.

“90% of our clients are from outside Spain, but almost all of our work is done in Valencia”, responds Davies. For example, the series recently published in Sunday Guardian, composed of scenes created in the city where he studied architecture. They’ve done visual campaigns for brands like Disney or Netflix, but their game board is still “the color, natural light and creativity that we only have here,” Rueda says. In fact, its production has skyrocketed in recent years and there is a long list of suppliers. cap me casal Including Fallas Artists and Printers.

'Feli-City', 2018.  Valencia (Spain).
‘Feli-City’, 2018. Valencia (Spain).Anna Davis and Daniele Rueda

He studied at the Polytechnic University, but they are two of them story tellers (Storyteller) The most famous in the world from photography. “From college time, before we were a couple, we had looked at architecture in a very broad way. Today it is difficult for us to identify ourselves as artists, although we have been selling physical and digital works for years. Architects? Photographer? Yes, we are, but we have always been clear that we were looking for a multidisciplinary future. How was not so clear”, says Rueda. The proof that “everything was born as a game” is evident in the isolation of their popular social media accounts, @dr cuerda and @Anniset: “For brands, sometimes it’s confusing. They don’t know whether we can post to one account or the other. We take it with humor, but… I wish we knew we were going to live by it!”, she adds.

The success of the audience and the impact of Davis and Rueda is a victory of beauty against the quantity that demands a minimum coefficient of network visibility. “Clicking on the camera is the easiest of all stages of our work. Our work has become sets and composition, props, light scheme, location hours, pre-production, script and editing”, says Rueda. “Daniel is the rational part and I am the creative one. We are clear that this balance and the sum of Valencia is the basis of our work and the effect we have been able to achieve”, says Davis. This image is the case for the first two global icons created from the factory: Egg Celant And digital rainBoth from 2017, the year they consolidated their commercialization.

'Made a Brush', 2019.  Miami (United States of America).  / 'Pictures', 2019.  Helsinki (Finland).
‘Made a Brush’, 2019. Miami (United States of America). / ‘Pictures’, 2019. Helsinki (Finland).Anna Davis and Daniel Rueda

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However, the creative duo acknowledges a certain contradiction between their work, their admiration for Valencia, and the “visual excesses” in public space that characterize them: “If we are concerned with urban planning, wiring, urban furniture, the use of colors in public space.” Let’s think about .. It is clear that there is no visual or creative direction in the city. When we operate in Nordic cities, it’s hard not to get excited about the possibility that we’re at least coming across in this regard. Valencia is full of icons and corners, but it would be surprising to see the degree of harmony they bring to an internally public space, at an institutional level. or more consistency. With our natural light, it would be a scam!” They agree.

Some of the images for which he is recognized today took weeks and even months of work. In participating in this interview, during the break before the delivery of a project to China, he emphasizes identifying what has been his biggest lesson during these years of impact: “We lost some battles, some failures. Learned to accept, embrace some imperfections. and deliver on time. A job is never finished”, concluded Rueda.

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