Anker’s new 100W GaN charger has three USB ports, which are 34% smaller than Apple’s 96W charger

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Anker's new 100W GaN charger has three USB ports, which are 34% smaller than Apple's 96W charger
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Originally announced at CES in January, there’s a US version of Anker’s much-anticipated 736 USB charger Now $75.99 via Amazon . available in In black/silver.

Anker 735 Panel
Using Anker’s GaN II technology, the 100-watt 736 charger is 34% smaller than Apple’s 96-watt charger, yet offers the flexibility of three USB ports to charge multiple devices when needed.

The 736 includes two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, and it will intelligently split power between ports depending on how many are in use. When either USB-C port is used alone, it will deliver a full 100 watts of power, which in addition to the fast charging capabilities of the 140-watt charger fully supports any Mac notebook that supports the latest 16- Inch comes with MacBook Pro models.

anchor 736 combo

Two-port setups allow for the greatest number of possible combinations, depending on which port is used. If the two USB-C ports are used together, the top one will provide 60 watts while the bottom one will provide 40 watts. The combination of the top USB-C port and USB-A port will deliver 80 watts and 18 watts, respectively, while the combination of the bottom USB-C port and USB-A will deliver a 60-watt and 22.5-watt split.

If all three ports are used, the top USB-C port will deliver 45 watts, the bottom USB-C port 30 watts, and the USB-A port 18 watts.

The 736 joins the same Anker 735 charger introduced earlier this month that also includes two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, but only delivers a maximum power of 65 watts.

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