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Andy Warhol: The Modern |  Television – The My News
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Andy Warhol: The Modern |  Television

I was never interested in that fictitious artist, master of modernism, and the king of self-promotion named Andy Warhol. I agree that there was a certain grace in his paintings of Campbell’s soup and photogenic myths like Monroe, Taylor, Presley, Jagger and others, but nothing more. If we talk about American painting, I maintain only a certain Hopper, a constant admiration and renewed shudder for the painter of solitude. But the far-fetched Warhol managed to turn everything that came out of his decaying little mouth, his hands, his Polaroid cameras, into an event. I feel like in this stupid world influential people And youtube usersWarhol would be God.

His proposals in cinema, that immeasurable heaviness is called cinema underground, Posh people filming drug cravings and trifles, excesses or nonsense, were then unforgivable, but now they provoke embarrassment and a lot of sleep. And what was great about your continued sponsorship? For the tastes of my music lovers, only this gave refuge and voice to the extraordinary band The Velvet Underground. Although Lou Reed, that musician and dark minstrel, would have been successful without the need for publicity that The Manager demonic

Despite the seriousness that Warhol’s character inspires, I follow with interest the Netflix documentary titled Andy Warhol Diaries, When they were published I tried to read them, trying to discover the supposed magic of so-and-so, but I left that billet at 100 pages. It wasn’t a memoir, it was more like an accounting book in which Warhol wrote down the cost of his lunch, the taxi ride and the tips he left. In the documentary he says that he too had feelings, although he was determined to hide them. As declared, he was not asexual, but a covered homosexual. He had love and heartbreak. All right, rest in peace.

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