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Juan Espadas, Secretary General of the PSOE of Andalusia at the Provincial Committee of the Party in Seville.
Juan Espadas, Secretary General of the PSOE of Andalusia at the Provincial Committee of the Party in Seville.

Like Guadiana, speculation about the electoral advance enters and leaves political debate in Andalusia. This Wednesday the PP’s parliamentary spokesman, Jose Antonio Nieto, revived him assuring that “the Andalusian legislature is finished and it is already a technical question whether it will happen in a month or another”, June and Pointing to November. Andalusian President Juan Manuel Moreno’s environment continues to insist that he will be called upon to collapse.

Nieto, the former Secretary of State for Security, has never launched theories about the date of the election, and has always mentioned Moreno’s desire to hold elections when they are due, ie later this year. The Andalusian PSOE has activated all its electoral springs after a meeting in Seville a month ago between its candidate Juan Espadas and the organization’s federal secretary, Santos Cerdan. Socialists are confident that elections will be held in June.

Since leaving the mayor’s office in Seville in January, Espadas has launched a campaign to promote himself as a voter who barely knows him outside the Andalusian capital. The socialist candidate for the board has maintained a busy agenda of events, public or not, with all social and economic sectors of the community.

The Andalusian PSOE works hand in hand with the leadership of Pedro Sánchez, opposite Susana Diaz’s stage. Both the federal headquarters in Faraz and the Andalusian on Calle San Vicente in Seville meet frequently and there is only one issue on the table: preparation for the elections. According to socialist sources, in the final appointment, on 4 March, Seville, Cerdan and Espadas called all party officials with responsibility in the electoral and communication sectors.

Cerdan, these sources confirm, even reached a date (12 June) for the election, without revealing where his prediction came from. Andalusia’s PSOE talks about starting the preparation of electoral lists in April, an issue that has always caused great tension among all parties, but even more so since the board lost the PSOE. Talwars would agree on names with provincial general secretaries, all to suit him, but no doubt Talwars would also like to have leaders he fully trusts in the parliamentary group.

There are those in the PP who think that the PSOE “makes a fool of itself” by oiling the electoral machinery, but the socialists believe they have no choice and that if elections are to be held in the fall, they will in any case. time received. The PSOE is intended to be the formation with the most votes, although it would need the support of forces on its left to operate. However, no survey project is likely.

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The fact that the PP’s parliamentary spokesman fueled electoral progress this Wednesday adds to the confusion in the PP. According to conservative sources, Nieto has not spoken of either incident, but echoes a “debate that is out there”. The parliamentary spokesman has assured that Moreno has “fulfilled” the objective of consuming the entire mandate, which began in January 2019. So there were many doubts that he would achieve this by forming a minority government with citizens supported by the opposition by Vox. Since last summer the extreme right has sometimes supported the executive and never has.

The current session ends in mid-July and legislative work is going on till then. But more than pending laws, PP and Ciudadanos are interested, above all, in fully approving the findings of the Commission of Inquiry on the Andalusian Foundation for Training and Employment (FAF), in which government parties paint a picture of disastrous cases of plugging. and the use of an official board card in a brothel by a manager. The opinion, pure electoral dynamite, is intended to be approved in April. The House can be dissolved to hold elections after 54 days.

In addition, Nieto has linked the celebration of the 20th National Congress of the PP, starting this Friday in Seville, to the decision that the chairman of the board can adopt the election date. He is convinced that the conclave that elects Alberto Nez Feizu president of the PP to replace Pablo Casado “would turn out very well and this fact” would allow Moreno to “feel free and calm”, to make decisions. .

Moreno assured in a recent interview with EL PAÍS that he sees the elections “in decline”. And according to sources close to him, his approach continues. From the presidential environment they assure that Feizu’s leadership will need a few months to take hold and that there is no need to rush as the PP brand will likely catch wind after Congress. They want to mark ground with Vox’s entry into the government of Castilla y León, as they are convinced that Santiago Abascal’s party will not make decisions that intimidate Andalusia’s right-wing voters. In addition, forecasts point to some good tourist data during the summer that the president can use as an endorsement of his management. And as far as the preparation of the Andalusian budget for 2023 is concerned (the current one has been extended), they no longer transmit any urgency from the atmosphere of the Chairman of the Board. Having said that, these sources acknowledge that Moreno “prefers to play up confusion with the election date to harass opponents.”