Andalusian Education Minister Javier Embroda dies at the age of 61

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Andalusian Education Minister Javier Embroda dies at the age of 61 Listen to this article

Javier Embroda Ortiz, Minister of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalusia, died on the afternoon of April 2 at the age of 61. Last year he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, a disease for which he had already been treated in 2016 and which he had managed to overcome. His mortal remains have been moved to the Málaga Cemetery Park (Parsemasa), where a mass celebration will be held this afternoon, April 3. At the clear will of the family, which appreciates all signs of support received, he will be fired in the strictest secrecy, as told by his communications team.

Born in Melilla in 1961, Imbroda has been one of the most intermediary advisers to the bipartisan government of Andalusia. The brother of the president of the Autonomous City of Melilla, the popular Juan José Imbroda, the man in charge of the education and sports portfolio was no stranger to politics or citizens when he assumed the portfolio in the Andalusian government. He was closely associated with Albert Rivera even before he announced his signing to the Orange Party as an independent. Doctor in Research and Educational Innovation from the University of Málaga and Senior Master in Business Management from San Telmo International Institute, the combative and ambitious spirit that he built from the basketball bench, where he led the national team as well as other teams such as the Unicaza de Málaga , Caja San Fernando or Real Madrid has maintained it during his nearly four years as head of the Ministry of Education.

During his speech this Saturday at the PP’s national convention, the chairman of the board explicitly mentioned to him, recognizing his work as head of government, without a doubt, that he was already very serious. This morning, upon learning of his death, the popular leader expressed his condolences via a tweet: “You leave us your legacy and we have your memory, which we will always honor”, a basketball court But with a picture of him, the scenario he was most comfortable in. The president of his party, Inés Arimadas, and other leaders of the formation, such as Guillermo Diaz, Luis Garricano or José Ramón Bauza, have also joined in in gestures of affection through messages on their social networks.

Since he was re-diagnosed last year, each time he was asked about the future of his party or if he would repeat as the Ciudadanos candidate, he did not refuse to answer – he was always clear and direct – But he did so with the nuance that “only he was concerned about day to day”, always with a smile. His last public appearance was on 22 March at the Government Council held in the Sevillian city of Carmona.

Before entering the offices of politics, Imbroda had already built a solid career on the basketball court carpet. As national coach, he defeated the US team at the 2002 World Cup in Indianapolis, a competition in which Spain won the gold medal. After leaving high-competition basketball, he began his career as a specialist to teachAn experience that is captured in his latest book: train to lead, He was a founding partner of several companies related to training, entrepreneurship and sports medicine. In 2014, he founded the foundation which is named after him and with which he seeks to provide opportunities to children at risk of social exclusion through education and sports.

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