An institution will request that the 25% decision be implemented after the government’s response

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An institution will request that the 25% decision be implemented after the government’s response
An institution will request that the 25% decision be implemented after the government's response Listen to this article

The President of the Governorate, Pere Aragonese, with his advisers this Saturday.
The President of the Governorate, Pere Aragonese, with his advisers this Saturday.Lorraine Sopena (Europa Press)

The Assembly for a Bilingual School (AEB) will present a document before the Superior Court of Justice (TSJC) of Catalonia this Tuesday to force the Catalan government to comply with a decision that mandates teaching in Spanish Determines 25% of the hour. , It will do so on behalf of more than 1,500 families and with the support of other organizations such as the Catalan Civil Society or Impulso Ciudadano. On Friday, the Generalitat sent a document to the court, with which it intends to convince him that he is taking steps commensurate with the sentence, despite the fact that it does not stipulate any percentage for the Spanish. AEB considers this response to be insufficient, therefore it will seek forced execution of the decision and request the TSJC to adopt “measures” to ensure that it is complied with.

“The response of the Generalitat is a joke. “They provide no evidence that they have complied or will follow the sentence,” explains Ana Losada, the unit’s president, who struggled through the courts to guarantee the presence of Castilians in Catalonia’s classes. On Saturday, Losada collected a signing of support under light rain on Barcelona’s Passeig de Grcia. “I don’t think the court will be satisfied with those arguments. The sentence is very clear,” he says.

The decision issued by TSJC in December 2020 became final two months ago. On Friday, the deadline to execute it voluntarily expired and the Generalitat sent a text to the court explaining that the legislative changes guarantee the presence of Castilians and that the sentence can be considered complete without the need for a cent. The government argues that ongoing reform of the Language Policy Act, which dates from 1998, normalizes the use of Spanish in the classroom. It states that the Education Department has started the process of preparing a decree on the linguistic system in the educational system. This is also supported by studies – such as a survey by Cindic de Greggs – which show that the use of Spanish in school is by no means “residual”.

Institutions doubt that the court will accept the government’s view. “It has no chance to prosper. The execution of a sentence must be in its own terms, and 25% is very clear,” says Jose Domingo, AEB member and legal advisor and president of Impulso Ciudadano.

Once the period for the voluntarily taking effect of the sentence has expired, the parties to the process may request its forcible execution. In this case, the State Attorney acting on behalf of the Ministry of Education is the only party present, who filed the preliminary claim at the PB stage. Pedro Sanchez’s government has not yet clarified its decision. But, in addition, the law of the disputed territory allows any “affected person” to be affected by the decision, whether physical or legal, as long as the court considers that he has the legality to do so.

The Assembly for a bilingual school is in the best position to be recognized for its legitimacy and for this reason it will be the one to present the demand. Its objectives include “promoting the benefits of bilingualism in society”, “promoting teaching in two official languages ​​and one foreign language in the education system” and “representing and defending the interests of our allies” before administration and courts. . Domingo. Domingo said in a telephone conversation, the lawsuit prepared by AEB will respond point-by-point to the Education Department’s allegations and ask the court to take “concrete measures to enforce the sentence”, which it has been reluctant to specify.

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In addition to announcing legislative changes—changes in language policy legislation, a decree on linguistic governance drawn up by the Department of Education—communication from the Generalitat to the TSJC also refers to various studies. According to the government, these reports will prove that the use of Spanish does not simply occupy residual space. For example, he cites a survey conducted by syndic de greiges, Rafael Ribo, who maintains that Catalan is used during 66% of the school day and Spanish in 33%. Ana Losada criticizes the survey because it also takes into account the use of languages ​​outside the classroom (for example, in the playground), which can lead to distorted results.

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