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An agent of Barcelona’s urban guard has been arrested for covering up the sexual assaults of his partner

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Barcelona’s Urban Guard arrested an agent of the municipal body on Thursday accused of covering up various sexual assaults committed by her partner – a rebus assured he was her lover; the other, his ex-partner at a nightclub in Rambla Catalunya. The agent has been suspended from employment and pay while a judge investigates whether he abandoned his duty to prosecute crimes and helped cover for his friend.

The incident took place on Wednesday night at City Hall nightclub. as upgraded Case, Municipal police officers arrested a man for touching a group of girls there. Sources in the investigation assure that the man posing as a police officer – he is not and never has been – forced the young women to leave the premises and frisked and frisked them. As per protocol, an agent can never search people of the opposite sex. The false policeman did this, but in addition, he also touched young women.

Some witnesses to the strange discovery informed the city police, who, upon arriving at the scene, verified that the man was not a police officer. They arrested him, accused of sexual assault and usurping public functions, and transferred him to the Mossos d’Esquadra police station, which has powers to investigate this type of crime. They also identified the companion of the arrested person and verified that she belonged to the civic body.

On Thursday morning, local police officers reviewed the night’s services and found that an Urban Guard agent had been identified in the nightclub incident. The agent’s inaction in the face of the situation could be criminal and that’s why they contacted Mossos. Not only did the woman refrain from touching her, she did not say anything when her accomplice pretended to be a police officer, but also, judging by the complaints of the assaulted girls, some witnesses confirmed that he Showed his badge and silenced the victims. ,

The Urbana commanders relayed the information they had to the Mossos and summoned the agent to appear before their superiors. He was immediately arrested and taken to the regional police station in Les Courts, charged with humiliating treatment, dereliction of duty to prosecute crimes, and aiding in the crime of usurpation of a public function.

The Urban Guard has opened a disciplinary file and the police have been suspended from employment and pay by court order pending an investigation.

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