All Live Text Updates in iOS 16

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All Live Text Updates in iOS 16 Listen to this article

Last year in iOS 15, Apple added a feature designed to let you highlight and select written and typed text from a photo, interacting with it as you would text in another location in the operating system. will do.

With iOS 16, likely to launch to the public in September, Apple continues to improve Live Text, and it has some impressive new capabilities, which we outlined below.

live text in video

Video support is the biggest new feature added to Live Text. Instead of being able to select text in photos, you can now pause a video and interact with the text like you would in an image.

Text in any paused video frame can be copied and pasted or translated, as well as works with Look Up. Live Text works in Photos, Camera, Safari and other apps across operating systems.

To copy text in a video, stop it at the frame you want, and then touch and hold a word. You can hold the two blue markers to narrow or expand your selection, and then you can press and hold to get options like translate and copy.

quick auction

Text in a photo or video also supports Quick Actions, something Apple added in iOS 15h. In iOS 16, there are new Quick Actions that let you track flights, track packages, translate languages, and convert currencies from a photo or video.

For example, if you have a photo with a mark in a foreign language, you might see a “Translate” quick action available. Or if there is a foreign currency, Apple will offer conversion quick action.

translate camera

Apple is using the Live Text functionality in the Translate app, adding a camera button that opens the device camera so you can get live translations in real time.

new languages

Live Text now works with Japanese, Korean and Ukrainian text in addition to English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

The Live Text capabilities that allow text recognition in photos and videos can be used in Spotlight Search in iOS 16, so you can do a Spotlight search to find specific text in an image or video.

Live Text Requirements

An iPhone with an A12 Bionic or later is required to use the Live Text features. The 2018 iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max are equipped with the A12 Bionic, so you can take advantage of live text if you have one of these or newer devices.

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