Agents of the FBI and the Civil Guard intervene in the yacht of the Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg in Palma

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Agents of the FBI and the Civil Guard intervene in the yacht of the Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg in Palma
Agents of the FBI and the Civil Guard intervene in the yacht of the Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg in Palma Listen to this article

Agents of the Civil Guard, along with members of the FBI and the US Office of Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), searched Megayachts on Monday morning. tango Located next to Palma Yacht Club and owned by Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, the United States added to its sanctioned list on March 11. In the meantime, agents have seized various documents and computer equipment, which will be analyzed, among other things, to confirm the identity of the ship’s rightful owner, according to the interior ministry in a note. The operation is authorized by the Court of Instruction 2 of Palma, which has also ordered the seizure of the ship in response to a rogatory commission from the United States judicial authorities.

Last March, the United States Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control issued a list of sanctions that included the Russian oligarch, owner of the Renova Group, a group with interests in various sectors such as aluminum, energy or telecommunications. The United States had already sanctioned the Russian group in April 2018, freezing more than 1.5 billion euros in assets to punish the Kremlin for its alleged interference in the 2016 US elections.

Vekselberg’s fortune is valued by US authorities at more than 6,000 million euros. The Treasury Department announced sanctions against the oligarch, noting that it maintains “close relations” with key officials of the Russian government, including President Vladimir Putin and former President Dmitry Medvedev, who personally addressed Vekselberg. Director and Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation. ), an initiative that aims to “create a Russian version of Silicon Valley to enhance Russia’s international status as a leading innovation hub for technological development”.

US officials pointed to Wexelberg’s involvement in diplomatic activities with officials on cultural missions abroad on behalf of the Kremlin. For all of these reasons, the Office of Foreign Asset Control identified Megayachts as having blocked assets. tango, which is valued at around €90 million and is anchored in Palma, and an Airbus private plane that has an estimated value of the same. Washington officials are investigating Wexelberg in connection with tax fraud, money laundering and false documentation, well, concealment of actual ownership of these properties to try to evade sanctions.

yacht tango It has been anchored in the waters of the Bay of Palma for weeks. It is a 78 meter long ship with a capacity to accommodate 36 people including crew and guests as it has 18 cabins. It was built in 2011 by Feedship Shipyard. The annual maintenance cost exceeds 10 million euros and is marked in the Cook Islands, located between Hawaii and New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. There it is registered under the name of a company based in the British Virgin Islands, which is in turn managed by companies in Panama, all following a complex financial and corporate conspiracy to hide its actual real ownership, the Civil Guard. Highlights in a press release.

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The Tango is the fourth yacht reportedly owned by a Russian oligarch to be immobilized in Spain. before they were boats Valerieof magnate Sergui Chemezov in the port of Barcelona; Lady Anastasia, of aristocrat Alexander Mijiev in Port Adriano (Mallorca); And this crescent, By Igor Ivanovich Sechin, in Tarragona.

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