According to the administration, the America's Cup to be held in Barcelona will cost 70 million euros Listen to this article

Aragonès, Colau, Dalton and the rest of the officials, with the America's Cup just a few meters away.
Aragonès, Colau, Dalton and the rest of the officials, with the America’s Cup just a few meters away.Massimiliano Minocari (Country)

Staging with top-notch officials and background photos Everyone knows from Monday: Barcelona will host the 37th edition of the Copa del America de Vela in 2024. President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragones; Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau; Demia Calvet, President of the Port, and President of Barcelona & Partners, Barcelona Global’s investment agency, pose with Grant Dalton, the Emirates New Zealand (TNZ) team’s top executive at the World Trade Center on Tuesday afternoon. With the port of Barcelona and one hell of a breeze.

He unanimously outlined “innovation” and “sustainability” as positive factors of the event. And they want the 2024 America’s Cup to be “the best in history,” as were the Olympic Games in 1992. The Catalan capital has conquered the cities of Málaga, Cork (Ireland) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

The Generalitat and the city council have estimated the cost of the event at 70 million, with contributions between the administration (in finalist money) and the private ones (in guarantees for refunds). The impact of the event is estimated at 1,000 million euros. He did not specify how much of the spending would be public and private, nor how much would be allocated by whom. The only praise that has shown its contribution has been the city council: at the rate of one crore five years, the same amount that mobiles receive. Tourisme de Barcelona, ​​a mixed association for the promotion of the city, will invest 50 million.

In Valencia, New Zealand rejected the city’s bid a month earlier due to a lack of public support. The Generalitat stresses that they are always open to negotiation, but not at any cost, and assures that the proposal suffers from a lack of specification for both public and private investment by sponsors. Real Club Nautico de Valencia, the representative of the organizers in Valencia, calculated the cost of the cup to be 75 million (Canon’s 30, brand rights and 45 of the guarantees requested by the organization). But Generalitat has warned that this amount may go beyond 15 crores.

As the winner of the final edition of the competition in 2021, TNZ, along with the company Origin Sports, is in charge of selecting the winning application and has the authority to organize the competition, which is considered Formula 1 of sailing. “Barcelona was chosen for the quality of its port facilities, the variety of different venues to compete, its experience in hosting major sporting events, its love of water sports and its educational and leisure proposition,” the officials said in a statement. Is.”

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Aragonese thanked the organization that chose the city and claimed to be “organizing such great events”. “We hope it will have a great impact on the city, Catalonia and the America’s Cup, we want it to be the best America’s Cup in history, as it was at the 1992 Olympic Games,” he said. And he encapsulated the economic impact of the event into “one billion euros that will be generated across the country.”

“Barcelona wants to own the Copa del America”

Colau has assured that “if the America’s Cup chooses Barcelona, ​​Barcelona wants to make the America’s Cup their own”. “It is not just any event, it is the oldest, best known and most internationally reputed regatta. According to experts, it is the sporting event with the most impact and return for the host city after the Games and the World Cup, and has an audience of 940 million. The first deputy mayor of the Consistory, Jaime Colboni, pointed to the role of Barcelona Global and the role of “the city’s businessmen and businessmen, who share the budget with their assets of 25 million: we want to thank them”, he emphasized. .

On behalf of the New Zealand team, Dalton explained that he has been in Barcelona for several days and feels very welcome in a city he has described as “incredible”. He stressed that the organization “feels very comfortable with the decision”, as well as recalling the celebration of the 1992 Games. The New Zealand team won four medals, he recalled. Dalton said he chose Barcelona “because of the port, facilities, superyachts, the quality of the tourist offering … and the emotional component”.

From Barcelona Global, Aurora Cata has outlined that Barcelona’s choice for the competition is “a game changer” that has celebrated collaboration between all administrations and public-private cooperation. “We must see Europe as the cradle of all these values,” he warned.

Five bases for the teams and IMAX for the New Zealand team

The port’s president, Demis Calvet, has detailed that there will be no need to build large infrastructure: the existing docks will be used. Five bases will be built (two at Imax and Cinesa, which depend on Port Vale; one at Marina Barcelona’92; the other at the Barcelona Nautic Center and the fifth at the Grimaldi Cruise Terminal). Where the port will provide only the cement structure and each team will customize it as per their requirements. Each team in the competition carries 200 people, it turns out.

The Imax building, which was to be demolished to build the Liceo del Mar, will remain standing and will host the New Zealand team. “No changes will be made to the Liceo en el March calendar”, assured Calvet. TNZ facilities will be open to the public to spread the word about the competition and its history.

The competitions will be held in the open sea, a two-mile stretch, between the Vela Hotel and the Olympic Port. The Mole de la Fusta will be made available for competition, with activities open to the public: “What is the Village”, Calvet said. For the first time, there will also be a women’s and a youth regatta.