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Absence of winners marks the festival of actors’ union

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The 31st gala of the awards of the Union of Spanish Actors and Actresses took place on Monday night without pain or glory at Madrid’s Teatro Circo Price. It was marked by the absence of film actors receiving the award, who did not attend the event due to work or personal reasons. In the categories devoted to performances on the big screen, there were hardly any surprises: Union replicated Goya’s results. Many of the winners stressed the insecurity of jobs in this sector (“Only 8% of us manage to dedicate ourselves to this”, Iñaki Miramón pointed out in his speech love is foreverWhile collecting his award), he attested to the advances his colleagues have fought for in the past and applauded the artist’s approval of the latest legislation, which recognizes them as “intermediaries” and gives them more stability and protections. does.

Denis Menochet and Louis Zahera, from ace beastHe won the award for Best Leading and Supporting Actor. Diego Enido, who plays Zahera’s brother in the film, won Best New Actor, thus adding three awards to Sorogion’s tense film about the conflict between an idealistic foreigner and two disillusioned Galician cattlemen. five little wolves received a single number, as the film’s trio by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa was awarded by the association to Laia Costa (Best Leading Actress), Susie Sánchez (Best Supporting Actress) and Ramon Barea (Best Supporting Actor), who plays the daughter. , the mother and father of a family marked by the return of Costa’s character to the family home after becoming a mother. He emulated the Academy by presenting Laura Gallon with the Best New Actress award for her role. little pig,

Louis Zahra on stage after receiving the Best Supporting Actor award.
Louis Zahra on stage after receiving the Best Supporting Actor award.Jose Oliva / Jose Oliva (Jose Oliva / Jose Oliva)

Only two of the six film categories had winners, Zaheera and Baria. While receiving the award, the former began his brief speech like this: “Okay, nothing, thank you very much. It’s unbearable now. To the extent that everything happens at once ”. Beria, who admitted that he had not prepared anything, as he did not expect to win, even forgot to take the trophy with him (someone shouted: “Ramon, you forgot the prize!”). Nor was the recipient of the titles for Best Actor and Actress in a Foreign Production, Javier Bardem (awarded for his role in the film). being record And last year he won the best hero award for his performance in the same competition nice pattern) and Ana de Armas made an appearance. actress who played marilyn monroe White He had an excuse: He’d been to the Oscars in Los Angeles the night before.

At least there was more interest in the theater and television nominees. actresses of Unit (Movistar+), series about a group of police officers who fight against jihadist terrorism, Nathalie Poza and Yasmine Othman won Best Leading Actress and Best Supporting Actress, respectively. Both gave messages in support of the representation of Muslim women in the novel. Othman, dressed in a kaftan to honor her origins, thanked the series for “giving a voice to all the Naeema Ibrahims in the world”. In addition, Luis Callejo took home Best Leading Actor for his role in the dystopian Darkness (also from Movistar+).

Lola Herrera receives the award for a lifetime.
Lola Herrera receives the award for a lifetime.Jose Oliva / Jose Oliva (Jose Oliva / Jose Oliva)

The specialty of these honors from the union is that the syndicated artists themselves vote for each other, something that Lola Herrera, who received the special lifetime award, highlighted: “No other award has given me more This way is not affected, because it is different. It is shaped like a warm hug. You give it to me, my comrades. It’s exciting to feel your warmth and complicity. 87 year old actress five hours with mario He recalled his beginnings: “In 1957 (I feel like Tutankhamun!), life threw this profession in front of me by accident and I stuck with it like that, 65 years later here I am.”

In the Theater category, Blanca Portillo won the statuette for her lead performance in the play. silence, by Juan Mayorga, which is a staging of the playwright’s entrance speech at the RAE. In fact, the actress claimed to be “an intruder in the Academy” after she claimed the use of inclusive language by the gala’s presenters. Portillo expressed her love for the women who practice her trade and noted that, curiously, five hours with mario (in which Herrera was acting fine) was the first play he saw live. Alberto Velasco wins Best Actor again for a monologue, in this case The Independent. sweet dreams, Made by myself. As for Jigyasa, the awards for Best Supporting Actor and Actress were presented ex aequo (He was Rafa Castajón, for scoffer of seville, Carlos Serrano-Clark, for death of a salesman, Carmen Butler, for Rossum Universal Robot, and Veronica Ronda, for fake truth,

Blanca Portillo received the award for Best Leading Actress in a Theatre.
Blanca Portillo received the award for Best Leading Actress in a Theatre.Jose Oliva / Jose Oliva (Jose Oliva / Jose Oliva)

Other political demands were added to the gala’s labor demands by presenters Almudena Puyo and Cristóbal Suárez. Accompanied by Lucia Trentini’s eclectic musical repertoire, he made a plea in favor of the presence of “disgruntled bodies, different gender and sexual identities and all ages” in an inclusive language and culture. In fact, the Women in Union-Pilar Bardem Award, awarded by the Secretariat of the Union for Equality, went to the Minister of Equality, Irène Monteiro, to prepare it. trans law, To thank them, Monteiro quotes Lorca, when the poet told his parents: “Leave my wings in their place, I will fly well.”

The event was closed after two hours without incident. Favorites who have already won in Goya did it again. Improvement in working conditions was demanded by the union. Amid the intervention of the night, the chant was defended by actor Luis Bermejo (innocent saint) in his speech: “No matter how much, nothing happens.”

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