A World League of Nations to Get the Most Out of the Football Business

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A World League of Nations to Get the Most Out of the Football Business Listen to this article

With the idea of ​​setting up a World Cup every two years, FIFA was buried by bitter opposition from UEFA and from most football establishments, with both organizations working for weeks on the outline of a project expansion of the European League of Nations. . Leading to a global competition.

The strong commitment made by the president of FIFA, the Swiss Gianni Infantino, to reduce the frequency of the World Cup by two years, has become a negotiating weapon rather than a realistic project with no real prospects going forward. For both the institutions and their respective presidents—UEFA, Slovenian Alexander Ceferin—the tensions have eased, but the World League of Nations is still at a very embryonic stage. There is a better tone between the two organizations, but there is no chance that the project will take shape anytime soon.

In Doha, the main center of the next World Cup in Qatar, FIFA held its council on Wednesday—six federations are represented—but the issue of the World League was also not addressed, so it was not voted on in one day. Will go Later in the Congress of the football governing body. Infantino is most interested in carrying out this plan because he wants FIFA to collect the bulk of its income and not be limited to being on the front lines only once every four years as the organizer of the World Cup. Infantino was one of the promoters of the European League of Nations, which was so well received in its first two editions as general director of UEFA under the mandate of Frenchman Michel Platini. The competition was created with the aim of reducing friendships on an official basis, with less profitability in the individual sales of their broadcasting rights, and fostering more and more official conflicts between the great European teams by establishing three divisions. in which he was promoted. Or descend according to the result. The broadcast rights for the European League of Nations are sold jointly and broadcast by UEFA.

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Involving teams from all over the world to strengthen and take out the emerging competition, with the entry of great teams mainly from South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay), will contribute to the re-evaluation of the product. The entry of other associations will contribute to its global expansion, as well as in terms of the television market.

The new competition should fit into the new cycle of the men’s international calendar that begins in 2024—the women’s starts in 2023—and it will be important to clarify as it would mean that FIFA and UEFA have reached an agreement that is not yet open. It is not getting completed even after lakhs of attempts. Neither the previous 21 October nor 20 December, the date for which Infantino announced a conference of world football, of which an agreement would take place, nor has it been possible to draw up a new consensus calendar for today. The convergence of interests of clubs, national associations and six confederations makes a quorum very difficult. Everyone wants to cover the largest number of dates of the already very saturated calendar, to organize their competitions.

Current overexposure to the physical bodies of elite football players, who are nucleus The huge profits that football makes as a business has already been condemned by the World Footballers’ Union (FIFPRO) and some big stars and top coaches. Luis Enrique, every time he is asked about the calendar, appeals for the health of the players, acknowledging the complexity of reaching an agreement that satisfies all parties. Neither the federations want to reduce the number of international match windows, nor the number of teams participating in the league. and with a World Cup in Qatar which will be played between November and December in the middle of the European league.

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