A personal map of Mengers Listen to this article

Draw a map with Fits I Roots, Locs, Noms Eye Products Essentials A La Toula Depain d’A Sum of Sensations, Allegridge, Fates Y Comol Que Diu Forces Ocultas a La Rao. The personal references to trobes de gust i goig come from the direct opposite and are added to the experiences of past appointments of people of credible recommendations, palate recognized and measured criteria.

They are not polite or hooligan. I speak of the idea of ​​cuisine and cuisine, of those dishes that are the hallmark of an industry, of a static and dynamic concept, socially related. The record attests to the attribution of certain flavors that are always retroben is assemble, a prominent feature recognized by one: pestis, breads or pestisos d’un forna al farkits, a specific extension of cuatas or aerosos de pics, per posum. How

Coming from a pre-digital world, we’d say it’s classic but not ancient and yes, affiliated with guides and Michelin stars that have a long history. However, dogma and religious and monographic archaeological obsession should not be relied upon. Res d’això, nor aprop fer-hi, is not the only source of Passat gastronomic inspiration and truth, it is a landscape of the background, an inevitable echo.

The gastronomic ‘map’ is the settlement of personal, vintage, mental, contemporary, economical mangers that I recall a la Realitat. Ales no Massa Grans Alloux de Mengers-i Fornes- of the Illes, more specifically of Mallorca, which were sanctuaries at the end of the 20th century, Abans d’Ahir, Immesa in the majority is Tancat or Mutes de Mans i Cuiners Mitza Dotjena vegetarian’s

There are woes in these mental maps, which are in no place, the geography of extinction, a list of absences. The configuration of the culinary agenda is private, not written or published, and is usually reserved for the oral memory of the chef, in contrast to the day-to-day, troubadours and resignations.

Les Credentials Gastronomics, A Vegades Legends, Potsar de Vegades Diffuse I always confuse Hurion to be nostalgic, noble. Temps d’Ahir dels mengers came to fame, bon nom, commercial credit based on quality, quiet relationships and traditions defined by local culinary customs, harvesting according to stations, marked by hunting or fishing seasons, religious celebrations and origins. anonymous

Everything in seu tempos i als elements d’aqui, not ‘foreigner’ (fora de l’illa), was a sevia, oral, popular norm, beginning with the politically correct and necessary discourse of sustainability, zero kilometer / local The product is, closely related, the utopia of food sovereignty.

Pose per cass that doesn’t pacify Mainjar Rum de Toula al Marque in Duane, Peru. Certify that the Solar Recullon Alvocats d’Arbres includes Nats de Peus Duets in 1900 for per Indian in Grans. And it is possible to mention other sporadic plant exoticisms that are logical for most fruits believing in a certain natural state. The tote will come from abroad (potatoes, tomatoes, albergini, carcassof, ales pork, el prebe board…) also nose.

Hi there Menzador, Gourmands, Barres Prime, Barrems delicatessen or curious palates not about inventing, promoting, proving or combining rare and complex things for products that fan out from simplicity to taste and capital of value.

Discoveries ranging from fondues to delicious dishes of wedges require a round trip. For one island the dinar lluny for the other coast of the region is an adventure; Nadius seems to be a fan of one-day stays, expeditions, a distant journey to the sun, a one-hour walk.

From Bel Nou, neixen i Function Quines, Markets, Bar i Cafe, Veterans or De Nova Overture to assessors who cook natural products, plate menus or manage to remember preserves, wines and natural foods. Els nous descobriments secretly confirm, little by little, amb fates; Tradition is not invented.

Fame, the ambition to achieve it, is publicly part of the world of gastronomy, as well as its actors and companies. Hat, hey, it was something more concrete than the advent of the Internet, a global network of social networks that was near the supply of what it was. Folk i l’Electritat is one of the most influential revolutions in the culinary world after potter La Gran Xerxes.

Hello, about public gastronomy, about chefs and chefs with a hyper-journalistic, informational interest. They are universal tendencies, arguments of commercial and economic finality. There are references like credibility of a brand, a food, a natural product, ebon, word of mouth, direct proof, personal identity. Hi, the internet age, there were few social interactions outside of social networks. The ‘map’ here goes to try, fencing and re-issuing personal benchmarks, private, autonomous tastes, KonGts pliers.