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A paraglider attached to a 25 meter high high voltage cable in Nuevo Baztán

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Firefighters from the Community of Madrid carried out an “unusual” intervention last night, in the words of a spokesman for Madrid’s Community 112 Emergencies: rescuing a paraglider trapped on high-voltage cables 25 meters high. It happened in Nuevo Baztan and the 55-year-old athlete had the “incredible privilege of hanging from the only cable that had no power, grounding.” 112 points out, “Even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t count.”

The emergency was reported at around 7.15 pm on Monday, a holiday, at the threshold of sunset. The call came from the local police of this municipality, located in the Cuenca del Henares region, 50 kilometers east of the capital. The notice detailed that a person was found hanging from a high tension tower at kilometer 29 of M-204, about 300 meters away from the highway. He was carrying a paramotor, ie a paraglider with an engine attached, which goes on the back of the paraglider as if it were a backpack.


The tower is in the middle of a field and, at first, it seemed difficult to extricate it, as the terrain is “difficult to reach” and firefighters at Alcalá de Henares Park thought the ladder truck was going to sink into it. Earth and they were not going to reach it. However, the lack of rain in recent days means the earth is “very dry and very compacted”, so there was no problem getting the autoclimber into the ground, holding it and reaching its height.

Once it was confirmed that the power company, Naturgy, had cut off the current, the firefighters prepared to begin operations. The man, who was initially believed to be around 40 years old but is 55 years old, was attached to the “highest cable” of a lightning rod or ground connection. After carefully untying the man, they proceeded to retrieve the equipment. Both were on the ground at 9.30 pm and were in perfect condition.

A native of Madrid, the man was fine and did not even have to be treated to the toilet after the accident, although troops from the Commonwealth of Emergency and Rescue Services of Summa 112 and East Madrid (Surem) were activated and they were if His intervention was necessary then on the spot.

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It is unknown where the paraglider was launched from, an activity that requires a permit, but there is a site near where the sport is practiced. While a paraglider requires a certain height to fly, with a paramotor you can take off from practically any flat surface.

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