A cousin of Almeida was the main link in the millionaire commission case for Madrid masks.

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A cousin of Almeida was the main link in the millionaire commission case for Madrid masks. Listen to this article

For months there had been hustle and bustle in the Sibels Palace. What was whispered in some offices and huddles of the Madrid City Council this Wednesday has been confirmed. The key piece in the case of millionaire commissions for masks is Carlos Martínez-Almeida Morales, a lawyer and first cousin of the capital’s mayor Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, with whom he is close friends.

According to the letter from the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, two Spanish businessmen under investigation, Luis Medina, brother of the current Duke of Feria and son of Natie Abascal, and a close friend of his, Alberto Luceno, approached Almeida’s cousin, who Facilitated key contacts to reach a millionaire contract for masks and medical supplies during the first wave of the pandemic. Luceno and Medina later made contact with an Asian company, Leno, which eventually signed a contract with the city council. Months later, the anti-corruption detected six million euros of commission proceeds in the accounts of these Spanish merchants. Five million went to Luceno and one to Medina Abascal.

With the money received from Malaysia and deposited into his personal account, Luceno paid 1.1 million euros for a house in Pozuelo and luxury products and services, including a Ferrari 812 Superfast for 355,000 euros, a Lamborghini for €299,999. Includes Huracan Evo Spyder, an Aston. Martin DB11 for €160,000, a week’s stay in a luxury hotel in Marbella for €60,000 and a red gold watch for €26,000. For his part, Medina invested his commission in bonds and in the purchase of the Eagle 44 model yacht, called Neutral, For the acquisition of which he paid 325,515 euros.

Almeida has not changed its agenda. This afternoon, on his way out of a stage, he met reporters. “Neither the city council nor any person is in the matter, in any case, it is the aggrieved party,” he said. “The city council is going to appear in the matter. My relatives did not know Luis Medina, a mutual friend contacted him. My relative gives him an email and tells that this is the official channel. After a year’s investigation, neither my relatives nor I were called to testify. They are not directed against my relatives or me. The only management of my relative, who did not know Luis Medina, was to provide an email as he said he had a contact to supply sanitary materials.

– Do you know Luis Medina?

I had no contact other than a phone call in which I thanked them for donning them with masks. That’s the only time.

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How was the contract with the Malaysian company done? Since 2016 the publicly owned funeral company, by order of then-mayor Manuela Carmena, was the only company in the city council that could fulfill this type of contract. Signing up with Asian companies was not easy. Everyone always demanded economic progress. If Spanish municipalities wanted millions of masks, they always had to fork out a huge financial sum and pray in some way that these materials would come and not be economic poof.

The only company in the city council that could do this was Municipal Funeral Services. According to municipal sources, since the whole of Spain is confined, representatives of political groups on the board of directors of the funeral company form a WhatsApp group. In this group it is announced that they are going to do this type of contract with this Asian company. All parties are in favor of it. However, higher officials of the city council that validates the deal and that depends on the Treasury sector, omitted important information: that the consistry has reached this Asian company thanks to these two businessmen. This newspaper has contacted this worker, no response.

Sakshi was present at the extraordinary meeting of the funeral home this Monday. i don’t remember how they got [al Consistorio] These two middlemen”, according to eyewitness sources, said the higher official to the questions of political groups. “This was another offer from among the many that we have received,” he said. With whom did the two merchants approach the Sibels Palace? The answer was no. This Wednesday, as confirmed by sources in the case, it is learned that the cousins ​​were a key link in the process.

At the same time as the meeting, Mayor Almeida gave an interview to regional public radio, Wave Madrid, “Nobody is being investigated by the city council,” replied the councillor. “What would the Left say about me if I had hidden the sexual abuse committed by a minor perpetrated by my partner? The same thing happens in Valencia. I take great pride in the work of Madrid. I would go to the end of the world for the mask.”

Opposition seeks clarification

“These are very serious incidents,” admits Mass Madrid spokeswoman Rita Mestre. “Friends and relatives of PP devoted themselves to looting institutions and public money during the worst of the pandemic. We have learned that a relative of Almeida was involved in this. It was a cousin. Six million euros have been spent on cars and boats. These are very serious incidents and Almeida can no longer hide.”

PSOE, for its part, demands more clarification. “If what has come out today is true, then it is unfair,” its spokesman, Mar Espiner, says over the phone. “Feijou’s PP starts badly, very badly, if it does not put into operation all the mechanisms of the party to clarify what is happening in the Madrid City Council”

The mixed group is already talking about the censure motion. “This surprises no one,” says spokesman Jose Manuel Calvo. “This is the usage that PP rules every time. When will the opposition look the other way? Commissions are useless. We believe that PP is disabled. We propose a motion of censure that allows the removal of the PP and that Begona Villasis, from Ciudadanos, could become mayor. City council sources assure that, after publishing his cousin’s information, the mayor has contacted Willis by telephone to give his version.

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