6000 million rain that eases political tensions

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6000 million rain that eases political tensions
6000 million rain that eases political tensions Listen to this article

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presents measures against the energy crisis in Madrid this Monday.
The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presents measures against the energy crisis in Madrid this Monday.Alberto Ortega – Europa Press (Europa Press)

Last week, as the government pulled out of a confrontation with all its allies over the truck drivers’ strike and Sahara’s change in status, some executive members and deputies began to show growing concern. “What happens in La Moncloa?”, he asked himself. Control sessions on Wednesday morning and the same afternoon the Foreign Affairs Committee presented an image of a corner executive, while trucks continued to stall across Spain and block some industries.

However, in that moment of anguish, some of the most loyal veterans of President Pedro Sánchez expressed a wish: “In a week everything will change, there will be measures and only they will be talked about. It happens very fast and nothing remains, neither bad nor good news. And La Moncloa controls what can best be done in politics: initiative, BOE and the ability to set the agenda”.

Less than a week later, the executive has achieved a very clear change in the political environment, at least for the time being – everything in the new policy is short-lived: since the fall of last week, we are talking about rain. Let’s talk about lakhs more social measures which the Council of Ministers will approve today.

The crisis is not over, it is far. There is a very important concern with the economic situation in La Moncloa as no one can predict how long the war in Ukraine will last and the consequences for Spain. But it’s hard to argue that since Friday afternoon, when a euphoric and exhausted Sánchez accompanied the Portuguese Antonio Costa to explain that he had called for an “Iberian exception” to lower the price of electricity on the peninsula. had succeeded in obtaining. , things have changed.

PP, and especially Woakes, are convinced that it doesn’t matter, as they believe the breakdown of government on the street is invincible, but in La Moncloa they see it very differently. Some politicians and members of the government acknowledged that precious time had been lost over the past two weeks due to politically ill-management, especially carrier attacks, but there has been a clear change since Wednesday—Sanchez said on Tuesday in a way. ordered to decide the strikes – and now everything has ended with the shock plan that the Executive Congress hopes to carry out without many problems.

Almost the hardest thing was to agree on it internally. Felix Bolaos and Yolanda Diaz negotiated for several days, notably on Sunday, the content of the text, which explicitly contains some of the United We Can proposals, such as a rent cap or a prohibition of dismissal. Sanchez and Diaz also called for the package to be closed.

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Bolaos has spoken with almost all groups during these days and in the last hours. And nothing at this point indicates that this time something like the burden of labor reform, which stemmed from a rebound due to a mistake by the PP, may be repeated. Conversely, according to executive sources, everything indicates that the vote could be on par with the budget, with 190 supporting, or even more comfortable, if the PP eventually chooses to abstain from or even support the decree. decides.

The executive has heard a number of proposals from the groups over the past two weeks, although they did not reveal their plans in an effort to delay everything until after the European summit, a strategy that has been seen as a mistake as the days go by. Considered and was revising. Some propositions are included in the text, others are not. But in any case, since almost everything is a positive measure, it’s easy to negotiate.

La Moncloa, who this time knows all the groups’ claims in advance because there have been previous works, believes it will not be difficult to close a great deal. And it will not be easy for PP to vote against a 6,000 million euro aid plan amid the crisis. It will be the first major political decision by Alberto Nez Feiju, who wants to distance himself from Vox on these state issues. So everything points to a spectacular change in the political climate. However, nothing lasts long in Spain.

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