20 years ago today, Apple introduced the eMac . was introduced to Listen to this article

today . is the 20th anniversary of Apple introduced the eMacSpecifically designed for educational use in classrooms and computer laboratories.


Priced at $999 in the United States, the original eMac featured a 17-inch flat CRT display with a white casing, 700MHz PowerPC G4 processor, 128MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, five USB ports, two FireWire ports, two speakers. And a built-in CD-ROM drive. An upgraded model with a faster 56K Internet modem was available for $1,199.

In April 2002, Steve Jobs said, “Our clients in the education sector asked us to design a desktop computer specifically for them.” “The new eMac features a flat 17-inch CRT monitor and a powerful G4 processor, while retaining the all-in-one compact format”. Campus that teachers like.

Riley FM co-founder Stephen Hackett shared a great video today about the history of the eMac:

The original eMac shipped with Mac OS X version 10.1.4, known as “Puma”, and came with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer pre-installed. Apple’s own web browser, Safari, was announced in early 2003, a few months after the release of the eMac.

Citing strong consumer demand, Apple has released the eMac . Make available to all customers in June 2002.

“Consumers have sought to purchase the eMac, and we agree,” Jobs said. “The eMac ramp-up is ahead of schedule, so we will have enough eMacs to satisfy both our education and non-education customers this quarter.”

Apple released additional eMac configurations with improved specifications and a SuperDrive. In October 2005, the eMac was again limited to educational institutions only, and the eMac was A low-end 17-inch iMac . replaced by in July 2006.